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Hello girls, if you have a comment or announcement to make, here is the place to do it. All you have to do is send your comments to me by email at the following address. Have fun!


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I have been a member of your Sexual Honeys group for quite some time now, and I just wanted to let you know that I have been honored to be a part of it.
On behalf of the entire crew from the GoddessDomme.Com website., thank you for all of the effort that you have and continue to put forth in making one of the best phone sex top sites on the internet!

We LOVE Sexual Honeys! =)~

Most Sincerely,

hi, i'm one of the sites listed on sexual honeys, and i had a question, or maybe it's a suggestion? i noticed the new category/feature pages, which is soooooooo cool, but there isn't one there for us younger phone ops?? i hate to be greedy here, but is there any way that there could be a teen/young feature page also?? i know a lot of guys love that (thank god LoL),,,,

thank you for even reading this,,,, love the site,

Love, Skylar

THANK YOU so much, Debbie!!! your site is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! and I appreciate it!!!!


I'd like to drop u a line to say thank u. I listed my site with u a while back, and l have noticed I do get hit from it. You've done a great job at being fair to all of us by rotating our banners and l for one appreciate it. So I just wanted to take the time to tell u thanks.


Hi Debbie

I think you're idea is WONDERFUL!! does sound like a huge amount of work... :) (I do some web design myself and it sounds like a big project!:)

Anyway, I would certainly use this type of service and would have the women working for me use it as well.

One small suggestion would be that you keep the pictures small, like 'thumbnails'...then the pages will load faster. Since you are putting links to the girls' pages on the site, the guy is only a click away from seeing full shots.

I'll look forward to setting up my girls on your site...if you decide to go with it.

have a great day,

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There is no charge for this service! All we ask is that you give the following information:

Title of the site,
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Your Name,
Url of the site,
Phone number of your service

You can also include a picture which should be rendered in jpg format at less than 50k!

All we ask in return is that you include the following to the page you want to feature in, in addition to the existing link you have which goes to another part of the website.. You can link to your page on our site!

Phone Sex: Live sex right now with babes who know how to give a good time.

By submitting images to us for inclusion in our web site, you are hereby confirming that you are licensed to use and display such images on our web site.



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